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Boehringer Ingelheim is one of the 20 largest pharma companies worldwide. At our oncology research center in Vienna, we are proud to be part of a large global research organization performing cutting-edge drug discovery for a number of therapeutic areas.

It is our ambition to identify breakthrough therapies for cancer by “drugging the undruggable” and “turning cold tumors hot”.

What does that mean?
Our goal is to block or degrade cancer-driving proteins in cells that so far have been deemed “undruggable” in order to eliminate cancer.
We help cytotoxic cells in the immune system to recognize, then attack tumors.

If you share our excitement and passion for driving innovative science that can help cancer patients, we look forward to your application.

Join our team!

For cancer cell directed research and immune oncology research we offer positions in various disciplines, including cell biology, biochemistry, chemistry, molecular modeling, pathology, biomarker research, computational biology, computational chemistry, and immunology.

We are looking for

Your passion, expertise, and fundamental knowledge in areas of cancer cell directed / immune oncology research, as well as a high level team spirit for exploring new therapies.

This is team spirit!

Driving forward novel drug discovery projects based on breakthrough science requires intense and inspired teamwork with researchers from a variety of disciplines. Through collaborative and lively exchange with other research sites and external collaboration partners, we reach our goals to find new and innovative therapies against cancer.

Our ultimate goals

Drugging the undruggable

We are not intimidated by the seemingly impossible. Strengthen a winning team that is breaking new ground to find unique drugs that can potentially help a great number of patients.

Making cold tumors hot

Tumors are able to hide from the immune system. Be inspired by our passion to find a way to reactivate the immune system to fight cancer.

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We are “drugging the undruggable”.

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